Fresno Sprinkler Repair at its Finest

Jack, one of our Fresno sprinkler repair pros is installing a new sprinkler headIs your lawn dull, dry, and full of weeds? It's easy to forget to water your lawn, especially if you're using an outdated sprinkler system that you have to turn off and on manually. Despite the drought in California, having a green and luxurious lawn doesn't have to mean wasting water. In fact, we can install various water saving accessories for your lawn to help you save water, keep your lawn green, and spend less in the process.

Ready to get your lawn green again?

Our Fresno sprinkler repair team can help you turn your ugly brown lawn into a garden oasis, perfect for playing, entertaining, lounging, and more. Take pride in your home - invest in an irrigation system upgrade today. Call us for dependable sprinkler repair in Fresno, CA.

A Variety of Irrigation Repair Services in Fresno, CA

We offer all the sprinkler and irrigation services you'll need, providing full coverage for every possible repair.

Mike is showing the customer how the controller worksOur sprinkler repair services include:

  • Drip irrigation installation
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Sprinkler blow-outs
  • Upgrades and retrofitting
  • Smart controller installation

Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Goal

a sprinkler system installed in Fresno, CAIf you've ever had a terrible interaction with a service provider, you know that poor customer service can quickly make or break a deal. One of our goals as a Fresno sprinkler repair company is to provide consistent, high-quality, positive customer experiences for each and every one of our clients.

We treat every customer with the respect they deserve, from the single family home-owner to the biggest commercial clients.

Nothing beats our power-duo of top-notch repairs and awesome customer service skills.

Sprinkler Maintenance Saves You Cash

While your sprinkler system is capable of lasting for many years, this doesn't that you can just forget about maintaining it. Proper care of your irrigation system will keep the components in working order for longer, saving you money in the long term.

Our pros will check your drip lines, sprinkler heads, piping, smart controllers, rain sensors, and more to ensure that they are working properly. We can clean out your irrigation lines as well as ensure that they are leak free - just in time for the dry, hot summer months.

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