Sprinkler Blow Outs in Fresno

Tom is doing a sprinkler blow out in Fresno, CAWhat exactly is a sprinkler blow out? A blow out is part of a sprinkler winterization procedure that involves clearing your sprinkler lines of all water before cold weather sets in. Using compressed air, our techs will force all of the remaining water out of your pipes so that it doesn't expand and cause serious damages when winter arrives.

Please note that the blowout procedure is dangerous and requires specialized knowledge and equipment. We recommend calling a professional to do your blow out for you so you can avoid causing damage to your sprinkler system - and avoid injuring yourself.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Winterizing your sprinkler system has many benefits. The procedure is quick, inexpensive, and highly effective, protecting you from cracked pipes and hundreds (even thousands) of dollars worth of repairs.Alt Text

  • Avoid broken or cracked pipes
  • Keep your sprinkler system lasting longer
  • Fix small problems before they become big ones
  • Keep your irrigation system ready for heavy use in summer

Don't forget that a damaged sprinkler system can mean disaster for your lawn. Cracked pipes not only waste water, but they also don't deliver water to your thirsty lawn, leaving brown, dull patches and requiring whole strips of grass to be replaced.

Ready to get your sprinklers in shape for winter? Call our Fresno sprinkler experts now.

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